1. Do you offer table or family service? No.  We only offer buffet service to ensure that client always receives their food hot.

2. Do you charge HST? Yes we charge 13% hst

3. Do you provide dishes and cutlery? No, we have lowered our prices so that our clients can rent those from party centers like Tim's or Gervais.

4. Do you offer Smart Serve bartenders? Yes we do at a cost of $20/hour

5. Do you provide alcohol? No we do not.  The client usually purchases their own alcohol.  At a public venue, such as a community center the client would be required to obtain a special occasion permit from the AGCO; however, at a private venue, such as their backyard, this is not required.

6. Will you travel to a location outside of the Durham Region? Yes, we may charge .50/km outside of this region.

7. Do you charge a gratuity on your services? Yes we charge a 15% gratuity on our services; similar to all other food establishments.

8. Do you offer service in backyards or barns? Yes

9. Do you offer service in community centers? Yes

10. Can we pay by credit cards, debit or cheque? Yes

11. Do you require a deposit?  Yes we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to book the date. 

12. Do you offer night appetizers? Yes we offer hot and cold; plus we have a food truck.

13. What kinds of food do you provide on your food truck?  Given that we are caterers, we can provide almost anything you would like.  Most often, the night appetizers would include: poutine, burgers, hotdogs, or grilled cheese. 

14. Do you have a menu for trays for smaller parties and packages for weddings? Yes, make a request from make an order tab.